Friday, October 30

Grungedy gurnge

Photographer: Michael Lavine & Thurston Moore

Monday, October 26

Welcome to the jungle... Bitches

Hey Guys! Today I am sick :( Stuck in bed with the flue.. Big time bummer, but on the positive side this gives me time to finally post something! :) The More time I spend here on campus the more i love it, and don't want to go away. It's nice to really know when you've made the right decision :)
So a few days (actually a week) ago I did another hair show of the L'Oréal. Once again it was great fun (despite all the waiting). Here are some pics:
My hair as it was before
And in the dye... So long blond hair!

Right after the dye came out, it is no as brow IRL, but more faded brown/blond-ish
This time I got my hair styled on stage. This was the result. Im not sure about the whole crepped 80'ies look... But it was very off the runway like.
From the side...
And from the back..

The whole crew. Thank you Thomas and Ditte for the cuts!

God I don't think I've ever had this big hair before.. But it was fun!

And I just couldn't resist doing a silly pose.. BAhh

So thank you L'Oréal, and thank you Thomas and Ditte!

Saturday, October 17

Friday, October 16

..No I am actually dead...

Nah just kidding…

Hi everyone! So fall break is a few days old, and I’m finally out-rested (is that a word?..) Anyways I want to show you a quick outfit. Both shirt and skirt are homemade. The shirt I got a lot of inspiration (help) from the blog BYKATRINE. And the skirt was inspired by Burberry Prorsums SS10 runway

(didn't you just love all the amazing drapery?)
Et from zeh back...

Ahhh well I tried!
And FINALLY I got the Tara Boot. Oh god I love loive love them! I seriously
wear then day and night!

Saturday, October 3


I'v been shopping a bit lately. Yesterday I found a nail polish very similar to Chanel's "Jade" It's from a RUDE. Signe and I discovered a few adorable vintage shops! Uh I love it when you find little gold mines like those!

I'v been looking for the perfect pair of F/W boots since like august. They had to have the right combination of cowboy/Western and biker. So it SO made my day when I saw these a few days ago. THey're from Message and the only cost 500,- :D YAY!
Today os the day my sister is moving away from home.. :/ I know mom's gonna be sad. But my sister is very excited to finally move in with her boyfriend. So Im happy for her :)

Friday, October 2