Sunday, May 31

The picture says it all..

So true.. time to forget about time and just enjoy! Denise Julia Reytan jewellery.

 She also designed these finger rings for H&M divided back in 2007.. Am I the only one who could use one of those now..?

Source: Bumbumbum

Tip of the day

Free Coldpaly download! If you, like myself, are extremely in love with the band coldplay, go to this link, seriously. Hmm, I guess this is as close to a live clodplay performance i get this year.  But fortunately for all you lucky bastards going to roskilde this summer, the future looks a little brighter.. Haha Anyway the download includes the songs: 

Saturday, May 30

Even Elvis didn't rock this much

So this is the only thing i bought in Malmö, the ripped black jeans from Gina Tricot.. 140 DKK, thats so not bad! + I've been dying over the ripped jeans from Topshop 
So i figured the Gina Tricot ones are a really good alternative. Well now i know what I'll wear tomorrow for my cousins theater thing. Ahh dont you just love it when you already know what to wear the day before ?

Oh and while in Malmö I stopped by DinSko. OMG! i could buy every shoe in there. No kidding! i really need to stop by their shop i DK soon.. hope they have the same stuff in DK as in Sweden .. 

Tip of the day

Check out Asos' summer sale! Hurry up though..

This weeks song // Friday I'm in love

Friday, May 29


Im going to malmö tomorrow with my sister and mother. My sister has spent the last many days studying for her physics exams. Which are over now, and went well, so we've decided to take a day of celebration by shopping in malmö. So here's my question for y'all. Do you know any good vintage shops, or just 'regular' shops in malmö that are a visit worth, and is there something you must absolutely do/se while visiting malmö? I'd really really apreciate your advice (:

Wednesday, May 27

Pretty Woman

I kinda dig her hooker outfits... partly though...
Is that wrong?

Oops I forgot my dignity at home..

I really wish the danish weather would allow me to wear something like this much more often.. 
Jacket: TopShop
Bustier: Asos
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: H&M
source: Knight Cat
LOVE LOVE LOVE these head chain thingies.. Wonder where you can buy them??

Tuesday, May 26


Source: All around the web
Just random pic's I found around the web that somehow caught my attention...

Monday, May 25

Todays Outfit

Got this vintage floral dress a few days ago. I already love it, and have worn it unbelievably much since it moved into my closet. I had (and still have) a hard time figuring out whether it's too granny-gandma' or not. I love the flowy floral fabric, but I'm not quite sure about the length. On one hand it's really cool that it's so long, and kinda unique in my closet. But then on the other hand, since most of the other stuff I own is knee-or-above-length it kinda makes me a bit uncomfortable.. Nah, what the hell, I'm gonna keep it long.  
Yesterday it really proved itself, by saving my fashion crises. I thought I made the look a little but more classic by adding a touch of sophisticated black. Unfortunately it wasn't until I was walking towards Tivoli on the main railway station, a guy loudly asked my, as he walked by me: "How much?!" I realized the look probably was a little bit sluty....
 Eh, what the hell, I've looked more hookery in my past... 

So this is kinda cool

Source: knight cat

Sunday, May 24

As Requested

So this is what I'll be wearing Thursday and Friday. Since I'm finishing school, it's tradition to dress up all silly, a behave like a complete fool, by throwing men's shaving cream and Big Bens in the heads of little eager children, waving their greasy little greedy hands desperately trying to get a hold of a few  sticky caramels. AHR, I can't wait. Is gonna be AWSOME! I'm not sure my outfit is finished yet though, any suggestions?

OH! and I need your help on something else. Tonight I'm going to a dinner thing with my dad, and some of his american coworkers. And of course my problem is what to wear.. I want to look stunning, but not overdressed. I kinda wanna look sexy, but not slutty. I can't figure out if it's appropriate to wear heels? I  wanna be very stylish, but then the fear of people (red. my dad's coworkers) looking at me like I'm some idiotic fool, who doesn't know how to dress appropriately, just because they don't get fashion, and have NO idea that studs, fringes, florals, sequins actually are in style, kicks in. And I'm thinking of going with something safe, but thats SOOO boring. So now I kinda wanna shit on what people are gonna think/say about me. What do you think I should do/wear?? 

Saturday, May 23

Im drunk. I just got home from a looser party. I left early because it was a .... looser party. And because of dumb parents. I'm currently eating massive amounts of blueberries and a raspberry cupcake. Cupcakes and cashmere, remember? Oh my god my vision is so blurry I can hardy focus on the button things on my computer and remote control, surprise I don't miss hit much. I'm not sure I make much sense right now but hey, I'm drunk. Have you ever heard of a drunk post before? NO!, I'm revolutionary. My boyfriend lost his phone, dumb ass. I can't get in touch with him now.. which obviously is crappy. I love blueberries. I love whoever is reading this and not judging me...     
Hope your Saturday night is a little bit better than mine.. 

Amazing Body Art

DoubleU. O. DoubleU. 

Nude much?

Lady GaGa recently spotted in Paris, wearing this:
Now that's what I call nude. Lady GaGa is probably equally known for her occasionally crazy dressing as for her music. But this outfit is just too much, well actually too little, to be accurate. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for experimenting with clothes, and trying out ridiculous cloths combinations, 'cause thats partly how new styles, trends, looks are 'invented'/ brought to focus. But the nude trend was already 'invented' right?  

Friday, May 22

Fast Mark

I think he's a new up-and-coming designer. Doesn't matter, he's amazing anyway. These pic's are from Mark Fast's autumn/winter '09 collection. Love the ruffles and the delicate shredding of the fabrics. For larger pictures click HER.

Thursday, May 21

This weeks song // We used to vacation

LOVE the chorus!. I keep hearing it on repeat..

Tuesday, May 19

The Oscar Speech

OK, ready for the "OMG! Thank you so so much. I like love you, like from the bottom of my heart!<33" speech? Well here it goes.

This post is my 200th post, and I'de like to thank everybody who's reading this blog, either on a regular basis or just every once in a while. The 'follower' number increases often, and it's always always a complete pleasure to see how that little number just keep growing on and on. That along with all the comments/comebackes i keep receiving can absolutely make my day! It really warms my heart.
So a big bigger heart warming, love felt thank you to everybody even reading this. I don't think I could have become this satisfied with my blog with out you guys! 

I'de also like to take this opportunity to ask you if you have any comments about this blog. Either praise or criticism is very appreciated. 

So again Thank You for wasting your time on this blog. I really appreciate it!

Barbie Jewelry / Barbie Massacre

This guy sure has a serious Barbie fetish. His work is sooo creepy, but yet you keep strolling down page, having that feeling in your stomach that you should stop, but ya just keep lookin' and lookin' and lookin'. URHH. Kinda gives me the creeps. Anyway he really induced to destroy my happy pink childhood memories of my friends and I playing Barbie in the back yard. 
Oh and he also made these little guys. 

Yeah these are weird too.... Oh! and guess what.. he has a blog.