Sunday, June 28

This weeks song // Eh Eh (Nothin' else I can say)

So Lady Gaga's music isn't usually my kind of music. But I kinda like this song. Just because it's so fun and girly and summery.

get yourself a zipper bracelet!

From DAY by Day

@ nasty gal. check it out HERE.

Friday, June 26


Now I know everybody's already fed up with the MJ news. But seriously, check out his style! So I kinda wonder where Balmain got their ss09 inspiration from, could be a possibility? Anyway I admirer his courage for doing something new, and risky.  But enough said, let's give him the rest and peace he's hopefully finally found.


May you rest in peace. What a loss this world has suffered, but thank you for all the phenomenal songs you have given us.

Wednesday, June 24

Gotta love miss Beha

Love the kinda duch colors, and the sort of sweat'n'sandy look. Yeah you gotta love freja!

Model: Freja Beha Erichsen
Photographer: Solve Sundsbo
Styled by: George Cortina

Monday, June 22

Tillykke Malene!

Today, my sister graduated High School/Gymnasiet. Isn't she absolutely beautiful? Im so proud of you Malene, even though I'm the baby sister (;

Malene, My sister
After celebrating her 10 in math with champagne, we had lunch at the marina in Rungsted. And thanks to God, or who ever is up there deciding the weather, for making the sun shine so bright!

Malene & her BF, Mr. Man (previously referred to as Mr. Proky Town)
My lovely sister and I

Sunday, June 21

Hello Mr. Wang. Meet Mr. Balmain

Hmm. I'm not completely convinced about the combination of these two designers in the same outfit. The dress highly inspired by Mr. Wang's goddess dress form Miss Selfridge. And the copied Balmain shoes, from some store on the eBabe. What do you think? too star-fucker/ desigenr-fucker?? I could just wear the f21 wangspired fringe boot thingies, and be completely Wang (haha, laughing at myself! this is ridiculous). But the 'balmain' are just SO glam! (Ups, forgot to mention, this is my 'gradation' outfit we're talkin' 'bout.) Anyway, I never really understood the unwritten law of not wearing gold and silver together.. Fuck it, Im gonna break that law of fashion society. 
Now all I need to figure out is my hairdo, any ideas? 

Saturday, June 20

Apologies for my neglecting of the blog lately. Just seems like here hasn't really been time. Which is a crap excuse, since I've been lying around most of the day. 
But in my defense, my being lazy today was well deserved, since Mr. ProkyTown (my sisters BF) made my go on a run before 10 AM! So i've been tired most of today (GOSH im in bad shape, its scary!).   
Anyway yesterday was spent shopping with Miss 'team used to be barbie' (Sarah) to shop her graduation outfit + accessories and a jacket for my outfit. Amazingly we managed to get everything we had hope for! It was a great day, especially the fact that Sarah had gotten a 12 (A+) in her physics exam the same day, made the day even more pleasurable!   
I'll post an outfit of my graduation outfit later (NO doubt!), but im just too tired now.. 
see ya 

This weeks song // Femme Fatale

Really hear, no listen, to this song its amazing!


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Thursday, June 18

Zeh Bug

My new Asos sunglasses. I look like a bug.. Im buggaliciouse 

Wednesday, June 17

Miss Beha

Wow Freja Beha really knows how to rock the thigh-high boots! But in reality there'de be a very fine line between looking fashionable contrary some what promiscuous wearing these.  Oh and check out that denim cape! cant really decide whether its fabulous or plain ugly.. Whats your opinion?

November 14th

you might wanna keep that day open in your calender.. 'Cause on Novermber 14th H&M will be launching their collection in cooperation with (da da da da daaaa!) Jimmy Choo!! yes you heard me. The amazing fabulous fantastic world know shoe & bag designer Jimmy Fucking Choo. The collection will consist of shoes, clothes and accessories, both men and women! So I guess Ill see you in H&M on Nov. 14th?  

Tuesday, June 16

Needing your help again..

.. God I almost depend too much on you guys!
Anyway I was wondering if any of you can recommend a facial lotion. I use the Clinique 'dramatically different', but using it both day and evening tends to 'fatten up' my skin. So if you know/use a cream that is oil free, is very moisturizing, good for unclear skin, not too expensive and not too fat pleas let me know!
Any tips and/or recommendations will be very much appreciated.

Seeing shades of gray

Soo crushin this outfit! especially love the very loose t-shirt tugged in under the tights/ skinny jeans.. Ah every thing in this is just P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

Source: Knightcat


Wouldnt mind spending my evenings and nights here!

Monday, June 15

Okay so I have a question for all you peeps out there that are way more well know on the computer field than I am. 
How do you get your pictures to get bigger on the blog? 
Hope y'all can/will help :)

Remember those plastic pacifiers ?

It's on with alexa chung

Uhh cant wait till june 15 th!

Sunday, June 14

I need following:

1) WAAAAAYY too many parties in a way too little period of  time.
2) I need the parties to be with in the next month or so
3)at all those parties I need to get waaayyy too drunk
4) while being at the parties way too drunk, i need to kiss waaayyy too many waaayyy too random boys

Oh. yeah I forgot to tell you guys earlier.. I sinned.. Big time.. 
I bought the Eileen Shields plateau shoes.. They are available as pre-order on the Eileen Shields online store (HERE for the Tara boot).  
 How could anyone not? they're inexplicably beautiful! Agree? Now I just cant wait till they finally can surround my feet with their beautyness.. (exaggerated?.. haha yeah..I guess..) 

Now just as an FYI, Im not trying to copy cat Anywho. They did a post about it like yesterday, that they (the boots) were now on pre-order. So now as you've probably noticed, soo many people wanna get them as well.. But remember I did a post about them a few days ago?.. Just to get my point across (;