Friday, July 31

T.G.I. Friday

source, The Cobra Snake
Happy Friday Lovers!

U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no alibi, You ugly yeah yeah, you ugly

Haha, These are ugly enough to be craaaazzzyyyy cool

Thursday, July 30

Mais Quelle?!


MMm.. Could it BE any better? (like Chandler would’ve said it) 

This weeks song // Stairway to Heaven

Mmm.. I've loved this songe since forever


Okay guys, I know it’s been somewhat quiet here on the blog, quieter than I’d like it to be anyway. So now I gonna be as honest as I can with you guys, you deserve it.

About a week after I came back from Greenland, it was like I lost the wanting to blog. I know it’s sad. And normally I wouldn’t think/ be like that. So here’s one of the reasons I blame the most for not wanting to blog as much.

On August 9th I’m starting continuation school, witch means I will not be living home, but at the school. Now, I don’t know the conditions yet, but I’m not sure how computer/ internet access will be. Knowing there’s a chance I wont be able to blog as much as I ‘d like to has kind of let my spirits down. I keep telling myself I should think the exact opposite, that I should enjoy bloging as much as I can while I’m sure I’m still able to. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m gonna blog as much as I can while there, but I also want to enjoy life there… So I guess this was also a kind of letting you guys know that posts wont be as frequent as they have been. Unfortunately… I’m glad I got that of my chest. Thanks for listening (reading, I know…)!



Tuesday, July 28

Pastel Neon-Green // Todays Outfit

Karl Who?

My own little DIY. What do you think?

It’s not completely done yet. I plan on making the letters a bit thicker... 

Sunday, July 26

Greenland // The Villages & the People

Hey lovely ladies! Sorry for my absence the last few days. As I mentioned before I was at Nakke festival. Oh my gosh, it was probably the best few days I’ve had all summer! Most of the music sucked, but we weren’t really there for the music, more for the atmosphere. And damn girl, atmosphere we got! I genuinely love festivals. I’ll upload some pictures later, but I still have a few pics from Greenland left. 

Tuesday, July 21

Greenland // Shades of White

This is just a small sample of the thousands (literarily THOUSANDS) of pictures I took of icebergs. 

Here you can actually see part of the glacier falling.

The crew catching parts of the inland ice, they’d put in drinks (:
This was 120 m. tall!