Saturday, September 19


Sorry it took me a while to post the pictures of my ‘new’ hair, but as a law of nature I of course forgot my camera! CRAP! Haha I mean you should have seen my hair in the dye. It looked terrible, like Princess Leia meets Teletubbies! So cause of forgetting my camera it took me a while to get some pictures of the hair, but here you have it. Anyway the show went well, and I had a lot of fun with the other girls, and enjoyed myself. Who wouldn't after a day of pampering, and ending it of with a fun runway show!? :D I think I still have to get used to the hair. It's not really me, it doesn't really fit my style. But I'll work it out, and rock it anyway :) I've already gotten a lot of new nicknames, before the gossip kings of the school called me Barbie (which has a story behind), now I'm known as Lady Gaga, and Hannah Montana. GREAT!


  1. Dit hår er total flot!!!!

  2. i think it looks great on you. plus, fringe always gets better after it grows out just a bit.
    i had it for so long and it was always amazing about three weeks after i got it cut.
    it will great with a messy wave in it too.