Monday, August 3

Thank you Sarah my favorite girl in the whole world!

Yesterday my best friend in the whole wide world came home from vacation. After not seeing her for 'bout a month, you can only imagine the enthusiasm in my voice when she called me last night. And as usual we talked for hours and hours! We decided we’d meet up today, since a lot of stuff goes down in 30 days that you simply must discuss with friends! So of course I had to tell her about Greenland & Nakke and all the stuff in between. And I got to hear tons about Spain : ) 

Sarah surprised me by giving me a 2nd birthday gift. This gorgeous white blazer by Zara, witch I already love! Thanks Sarah, my bestes friend in the whole wide world! 

She also gave me this beautiful necklace. It says 'Friends Forever' (God this is getting cheesy, Sorry folks!) 
And this cool shiny purse. 
Am I not the luckiest ever?