Sunday, April 5


YES MAN YES MAN YES MAN! Jeg er ikke grounded mere! :D Jeg tog en snak med min pappa om, at jeg syntes det var lidt uretfærdigt at få en hele måned + så havde min mor vist også snakket lidt med ham.. YEAH BABY! - Nå men det betyder vist bare at jeg nu skal til at passe rigitg godt på med hvornår jeg kommer hjem...

YES YES YES YES! Im not grounded anymore! I had a talk with my daddy today, where I told him that I thought it was kinda unfair to ground me for a whole month for such a minor 'crime'. + I think my mom may have talked to my dad as well. Thanks mummy ! - But I guess this just means I have to be extra careful on curfew times..

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  1. glad your not grounded anymore... my parents never did the grounding thing but it surely must suck. i would love to add you to my blogroll, consider it done.