Sunday, February 15

my current life

current clothing: tight grey jeans (that'll soon be changed to platted PJ's), white t-shirt with small bright pink and blue flowers, an orange cardigan with thin golden stripes. 

current mood: "I really really really don't wanna go to school tomorrow."

current taste: potato mash

current hair: a high loose bun

current annoyance: school day tomorrow

current smell: sweet-strawberry ish, like home

current thing I ought to be doing: homework

current jewlery: golden Carré ring, silver bracelet from India

current book: "Do Androids Dream of Elecktric Sheep" - school related

current worry: finances 

current longing: money

current music: Kashmir

current regret: nothing I can do anything about

current plans for tonight: early bed time, tv

current obsession: photographing 

current avoidance: anything that'll cost me money...

current favorite book: (empty)

current favorite movie: "Nick and Norah's infinate Playlist" 

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