Sunday, July 19

Tagged, Bitch!

Yet again another blog game is circulating the blog community. I've been tagged by Roxanne, who made this one up herself! Here we go

5 things in your purse:

1. Wallet

2. Keys

3. Phone

4. Lip Gloss/ Lip Balm

5. Gum

 5 Things in your Wallet

1. Cash

2. Id

3. Visa

4. Receipts

5. Health insurance card

 5 favorite things in your room

1. My bed!

2. My tv

3. My floor to ceiling mirror 

4. My world

5. I know it's not really a thing, but I love that my room is connected to my own bathroom, and that that is connected to my walk-in. 

 5 things you've always wanted to try:

1. Parachuting!

2. Rock a runway

3. Be the voice of a cartoon character

4.  Come to NY

5. To be in one of those crazy competitions, like Wipe Out, or American Gladiator, or Survivor, or something like that.

 5 things that take up you time lately:

1. Internet

2. Staying up till 3.30 am, and waking up at 1 pm

3. Day dreaming

4. Convincing my self to not shop for the rest of the month

5. Trying to come up with new outfits from my old clothes

 Who tagged you:


 Your 5 impressions of her:

1. She is very sweet

2. She has cool style

3. Easy going chill person

4. Fun & fashion loving girl

5. Very culture orientated 

I tag:


Nina Kristine 

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  1. * der skulle ha' stået 'Your five impressions of her' . Fx. hun virker til at ha' langt hår (haha, dårligt eksempel):P