Wednesday, July 1

July 1st!

Finally July :D My favorite month of the year! I guess the main reason why is  cause my birthday is only in 5 days. WOOOHHAAAA! 
So this year for my summer vacation I'm going to Greenland with my momma. Which is kinda of an unusual vacation spot for my family. You see my dad lives for the hot weather, summer and everything that follows that. So we usually go some place warm, like Thailand, souther Europe, The US (California, Hawaii, Texas) and so.  But Greenland shall be fun. Its a cruise thing, so we'll fly to somewhere in Greenland, and then from there board the ship, to then sail up the coast of Greenland. Everyday we'll arrive in port, and go visit cities and people and stuff. Very excited. 
But my only problem is that I have no idea what so ever to pack! Like I'm used to the only necessary thing to pack is a cute bikini and flip flops. Now I have to pack warm boots, long pants, rain covers, and the list goes on and on and on and... Have any of you guys been to Greenland, or some place similar, climate wise? and what/how did you pack?  The only thing I know for sure I'll pack is my camera. So hopefully I'll get to snap some cool (literarily cool) shots of the Greenlandic nature. OH! and any tips on who to get some great shops of nature? other then just experimenting ?



  1. so amazing. i would love to have that experience, you're such a lucky girl.
    my advice would be layer. leggings to wear under jeans or trackies if it's too cold. tee's, plaid shirts, hoodies and a rain coat. that's what i packed for april in the utah canyons and i survived morning snows and sweltering vegas heat. just make sure everything goes together so you can pack less stuff. i would bring a swimsuit just in case, there might be hot springs, no?

  2. Thanks for the great advise. I'll definitely follow it :D