Thursday, July 30


Okay guys, I know it’s been somewhat quiet here on the blog, quieter than I’d like it to be anyway. So now I gonna be as honest as I can with you guys, you deserve it.

About a week after I came back from Greenland, it was like I lost the wanting to blog. I know it’s sad. And normally I wouldn’t think/ be like that. So here’s one of the reasons I blame the most for not wanting to blog as much.

On August 9th I’m starting continuation school, witch means I will not be living home, but at the school. Now, I don’t know the conditions yet, but I’m not sure how computer/ internet access will be. Knowing there’s a chance I wont be able to blog as much as I ‘d like to has kind of let my spirits down. I keep telling myself I should think the exact opposite, that I should enjoy bloging as much as I can while I’m sure I’m still able to. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m gonna blog as much as I can while there, but I also want to enjoy life there… So I guess this was also a kind of letting you guys know that posts wont be as frequent as they have been. Unfortunately… I’m glad I got that of my chest. Thanks for listening (reading, I know…)!



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  1. en af mine veninder gik på den efterskole du skal på, (kastanievejen ikke?) sidste år, og hun siger at der er trådløst netværk fra 07.00 - 22.00 hver dag:)