Friday, July 17

A Letter for Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

all I wish for for Christmas is (not necessarily in prioritized order) :

- The rest of my life to be the best of my life 

- Those Emma Cook for Topshop boots that Rumi from Fashiontoast has, in any color. (!!!) 

- Longer legs, but not to be taller 

- Longer hair 

- A no budget economy  

- To be generally happy through out my entire life 

- To find and be able to afford the perfect pair of autumn/winter boots 

- Be able to keep Bammer for the rest of my life


- A meeting with the Olsen twins, and becoming friends with them 

- To have the best memories of life when I'm dying 

- To be able to eat all the midnight and day time unhealthy snacks I want, with out gaining wait 

- Not to be so damn lazy 

- Be more disciplined 

- Find my niche in life soon

Is that too much to ask? 

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