Thursday, July 16

Hey Sweethearts!

So Im back from Greenland. I've been for a couple of days now, but felt like I needed a little time to get used to my house again and get over the jet lag and so on. Anyway I have much to tell you, many pictures to show you. 
But I think I'll start from the end (starting now). Today I was shopping with my mom in Copenhagen, but the only thing we got was lunch and a parking ticket... But it was a nice day anyway. I'll give you a quick outfit post (I realized it's a loong time since last!), and then later I'll give you the pic's from Greenland.  

Do you like my finger ring combined bracelet? Or is it a bit over the top? Im not really sure..
Shirt - Top Shop, Tank - Soaked in Luxury, Skirt - Miss Selfridge, Shoes - Converse, Ring/bracelet - vintage eBay (?)

Yesterday I bought a new nail polish. I've, for a long time been looking, unsuccessfully, for the right shade of neon/coral/orange-pinkish. Turns out Loreal was the one to come me to the rescue.

It's not really as orange IRL, more pink/red..


  1. Du har en fantastisk blog! og nogle fantastiske sko, hihi, jeg har også de Converse i hvide ;) og de er så fede til næsten alt!

    jeg synes forresten også din fingerring to bracelet er utrolig cool, jeg ville hvertfald gerne have sådan en, hihi :)

    venligst, maria.

  2. Hej Maria,
    mange mange tak for de fine ord :D Du kan tro det gjorde mig glad!