Sunday, July 19

Greenland // The Animals

We got to see a few musk ox 

This is what they would feed the dogs with during winter. 
Notice how they’re both yawning! 

And we got to see whales! 

Momma whale & baby whale waved at us! How cute 
Can’t get enough of puppy dogs 


  1. NÅÅÅÅRH hvor er de dejlige. virkelig flotte billeder. hvordan har du fået dem så store på bloggen?:)

  2. so beautiful. i love the photo of you with the coloured houses in the background and the puppies. stunning. i love your shoes too. such an amazing experience i wish i could go somewhere like that. i died over the dogs, i want one.

  3. Hvor ser det dejligt ud :) Man får helt lyst til at rejse dertil!

  4. Misundelse er en grim ting - men jeg må indrømme: Jeg er misundelig!