Sunday, June 14

Oh. yeah I forgot to tell you guys earlier.. I sinned.. Big time.. 
I bought the Eileen Shields plateau shoes.. They are available as pre-order on the Eileen Shields online store (HERE for the Tara boot).  
 How could anyone not? they're inexplicably beautiful! Agree? Now I just cant wait till they finally can surround my feet with their beautyness.. (exaggerated?.. haha yeah..I guess..) 

Now just as an FYI, Im not trying to copy cat Anywho. They did a post about it like yesterday, that they (the boots) were now on pre-order. So now as you've probably noticed, soo many people wanna get them as well.. But remember I did a post about them a few days ago?.. Just to get my point across (;  


  1. hehe har ingen idé.. men forhåbentlig meget snart! XD

  2. 'Rygterne' går på at de er ca 8 cm.. men ved så ikke om det er ved tærene eller ved hælen.. :)