Saturday, June 20

Apologies for my neglecting of the blog lately. Just seems like here hasn't really been time. Which is a crap excuse, since I've been lying around most of the day. 
But in my defense, my being lazy today was well deserved, since Mr. ProkyTown (my sisters BF) made my go on a run before 10 AM! So i've been tired most of today (GOSH im in bad shape, its scary!).   
Anyway yesterday was spent shopping with Miss 'team used to be barbie' (Sarah) to shop her graduation outfit + accessories and a jacket for my outfit. Amazingly we managed to get everything we had hope for! It was a great day, especially the fact that Sarah had gotten a 12 (A+) in her physics exam the same day, made the day even more pleasurable!   
I'll post an outfit of my graduation outfit later (NO doubt!), but im just too tired now.. 
see ya 

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