Sunday, June 7


So I realized that it was kinda a while ago since I last posted.. So just to give you a quick update. Yesterday I realized that there's exactly a month till my birthday(!), so guess it's time to make a wish list.. But i dont think that'll be a problem since there's like a ton of stuff out there I want, but cant afford... Yesterday I was at Distortion with Emilie.. Holy %&@?"#/(%€(/!=)#/)(&€ it was awesome! unfortunately we had to leave early (damn you parents)... But Im SO going next year!.. Today I was out shopping with my momma.. I desperately tied to hunt down the Antenna shoes from Vagabond.. which I of course have fallin in love with too :/  and the elisabeth&James rip off ring from H&M... But no luck for me this time around. I choose to tale it as a sign.. that it just wasnt right for me.. But its kinda hard to believe though.. I did however get a pair of high waist pants from H&M (ill post pictures later), which is a good thing, since ive been wanting a pair of high waisteres for a reeaallyy long time now.. 

Now I really have to study. I haven't done aaaannyyyything exam related today :/

Oh and my dad stalked down a french tutor for me.. since im like screwed.. Thanks DaddyO!

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