Monday, June 1

Outfit update

Just thought I'de give y'all a quick update on how I've been looking the last couple of days. Since the weather is so warm now (YAY!) I hardly wear clothes anymore, haha.. Well if you count bikinis as clothes, than I'm fully dressed.. Happy 1st day of summer!
H&M tank top, Vintage denim dress, Asos bustier.  

Moms old vintage floral dress, vintage denim jacket, New Yorker boots.

Couldn't really decide what shoes to wear...
Vintage biker tee, vintage american eagle denim shorts, random DIY. cut off panty hoes, Friis & co. indian boots, Forever 21 fringe boots.

OH and PS./ FYI, my dad just got home from the US and he brought the best gossip magazines along with him home.. and theres juice about some movie called Twilight, don't know if any of you've heard of it?... But just in case you have, and want get the juice drop a comment and i'll scan the article in for you guys (:

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  1. God stil! Kommer helt i sommerstemning (;

    Kig evt. forbi min blog: