Sunday, June 14


I know, I know.. Uggs SOO 10 years ago! But I recently got an eye opener on the ugg front .. (This was the news I mentioned yesterday!).. A few days ago a woman name Sarah contacted me regarding an offer she has specially made for you (yes you, right there!) and myself. Turns out Sarah owns the internet shop Whooga, that sells ugg boots. (don't judge just yet!). Whooga has created a gift card for all of us giving us a $30 (USD) discount on all items form their store! Isn't that amazing?! All you have to do is enter the code NANNALAND into the box in the chart. They ship to all countries. They sell all the classic uggs + more. You should really check out their online store, and get more info on each item and tons of other stuff.
I'm really hooked on buying a pair as slippers. The weave ones would be perfect for that purpose.
if any sort of problems occur pleas contact me at, and I will immediately contact Whooga, regarding your problem! I hope you will use this amazing offer :D

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