Thursday, June 4

Late Night Questionnaire

I've been taged by Roxanne, who was taged by Lykke. The rules are simple.. write 20 random facts about yourself, then tag 5 new bloggers to write facts. So here we go!
  1. When I was three years old my family and I moved form Denmark to Austin, Texas
  2. We lived there for exactly 1 year 1 month 1 week 1 day
  3. When I was eight we moved to California.. but then moved back to dk after less then a year.
  4. I have serious concerns that I am a shopoholic, seriously...
  5. I love dark chocolate
  6. I prefer extreme sports rather than 'normal' sports. (I really really miss rock climbing!)
  7. I want to kiss HIM soo bad it hurts..
  8. My best friend is Sarah
  9. I wish i could talk to Ellie and Babeth more often, but they live in the us and holland...
  10. Im probably addicted to blogs, especially to fashion blogs. 
  11. I dont really like my name.. Nanna.. It means grandma and/or lady-who-takes-care-of-children.. Yeah trust me you dont want to be known as that especially not when you were 4 and 8...
  12. I'de like my name to be Leah..
  13. I've been touched/ fascinated by Dr. Matin Luther King Jr. since the first time I read about him.. when I was about 8
  14. I HATE people pretending to be something they arent..
  15. Which kinda makes me contradict myself, since I LOOOVE acting!
  16. I hate it when people contradict them selfs.. 
  17. If I could choose any profession in the world, I'de choose to become a professional traveller.. You know just traveling all the effing time..
  18.  But I'de definitely settle for acting any day of the week
  19. I don't get nervous at exams, i don't know why, its like.. i like people evaluating me.. weirdo...
  20.  I love country music (almost all music actually

Now its time for me to tag people.. Mwahahaha!

Happy writing! 

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