Sunday, June 21

Hello Mr. Wang. Meet Mr. Balmain

Hmm. I'm not completely convinced about the combination of these two designers in the same outfit. The dress highly inspired by Mr. Wang's goddess dress form Miss Selfridge. And the copied Balmain shoes, from some store on the eBabe. What do you think? too star-fucker/ desigenr-fucker?? I could just wear the f21 wangspired fringe boot thingies, and be completely Wang (haha, laughing at myself! this is ridiculous). But the 'balmain' are just SO glam! (Ups, forgot to mention, this is my 'gradation' outfit we're talkin' 'bout.) Anyway, I never really understood the unwritten law of not wearing gold and silver together.. Fuck it, Im gonna break that law of fashion society. 
Now all I need to figure out is my hairdo, any ideas? 


  1. Love the outfits, especially the shoes.
    Where did you brought them? are they still available?... me like very much :-)

  2. thanks :)
    They are from some store on eBay, and they should still be available :)