Tuesday, June 2

miss whiny..

Its like you opened up my chest. Stirring and mixing everything up, so now everything is out of place and out of balance. You left me with an open wound, and now i dont know what to do. I dont know how to put everything back into place. I dont know how to stitch up the cut you made. I dont know if it will heel well, or if it will leave a big scar on me forever. So I guess now what I need is a very good surgeon.. 

Just know that I dont hate you for what you've done. You're only human. And that I can't let you out of my life just yet, you already made too much of an impact on me.. And i still care about you, despite what you did.. And I still need you... 

Sorry if thats too clingy or whatever, but its just me right now..  

I already regret posting this, and I havent even posted it yet. but there's just too many things going on inside me right now for me to just ignore them. thanks for letting me get that out, and listening... my face is all covered in tears, as its been since like six o'clock.. 


  1. :/ lyder ikke rart.

    håber du får det bedre snarest :(

  2. jeg tænker på dig <3

    håber du snart får det bedre :*