Sunday, March 22

My current life vol. 2

Current clothing: Tiny tight black shorts, and a way over sized sweater
Current mood: Doubt, restlessness
Current taste: Kanelsnegle
Current hair: High loose bun
Current annoyance: German paper do tomorrow and math.. so basically homework
Current smell: Home
Current jewlery: Silver bracelet from India, golden stud earrings
Current book: Nada
Current worry: Oh dont even get me started
Current longing: Summer, beach, great clothes
Current music: "Talkin' bout a revolution" by Tracy Chapman
Current regret: Nothing I can do anything about now...
Current plans for tonight: Well its Sunday, so crashing early 
Current obsession: Americas Next Model season 12
Current favorite book: "1000 Places to See Before You Die"
Current favorite movie: "Vicky Christina Barcelona"

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