Sunday, May 10

Copenhagen dreamin

First I found this awesome t-shirt at the vintage shop Wasteland. Great store by the way. Next on was Gina Tricot, where I found this bikini. I've been looking for the right black bikini for quite some time now, and I think I found it. 
I also bought these pantyhose, but they were NOT  what I had had in mind. I thought the stripes were horizontal, not vertical.. bummer. It's probably too late to return them by now.. So  I guess I'll just have to buy the other pair as well... 


  1. Hej!
    Hvor har du købt de tofarvede strømpebukser?
    og kan du huske prisen på din bikini? Den er rigtig fin!

  2. @ Nanna Montanna: Heheh tak :D

    @Panuela:Strømpebukserne er også fra Gina Tricot :)
    Jeg mener overdelen kostede 56,- og vist nok det samme for underdelen..