Saturday, May 23

Im drunk. I just got home from a looser party. I left early because it was a .... looser party. And because of dumb parents. I'm currently eating massive amounts of blueberries and a raspberry cupcake. Cupcakes and cashmere, remember? Oh my god my vision is so blurry I can hardy focus on the button things on my computer and remote control, surprise I don't miss hit much. I'm not sure I make much sense right now but hey, I'm drunk. Have you ever heard of a drunk post before? NO!, I'm revolutionary. My boyfriend lost his phone, dumb ass. I can't get in touch with him now.. which obviously is crappy. I love blueberries. I love whoever is reading this and not judging me...     
Hope your Saturday night is a little bit better than mine.. 


  1. hehe, da jeg gik i gymnasiet var jeg overbevist om at dansk stile skulle skrives beruset. og det gik overraskende godt. og synes at du bestemt klare det fint. ;)

  2. Oh well, thats some good drunk spelling :)

  3. det er en god idé karenmarie!

    jeg synes din blog er helt fantastisk nanna!