Monday, May 4

I need your help - once again

I'm a firm believer of red lipstick for this summer. But as a scandinavian, blond haired blue eyed pale skinned - girl, the intense red color easily makes me look like some kind of bad Dracula's wife or clown impersonator, and thats not really the look in going for... this summer, anyway... So to the questions: do any of you have any great lipstick brands, or shades of red you would recommend? And: les lèvres de rouge ou les lèvres au natural?
Oh and I excuse the amount of narcissism in this post. Sorry...


  1. måske ville koral-rød falde bedre til det skandinaviske look

  2. Jeg sværger til Macs læbestifter. Vil også sige at koralfarvet læbestift passer bedst til os nordiske typer. (: