Tuesday, May 5

copy catting // Karlas closet

A week or so ago, I tumbled across this absolutely stunning picture from the blog Karlas Closet, and I couldn't help but to get completely mesmerized by it. So today it found its way back on to my computer screen, and I thought: Well this is the second time I'm being spellbound by you, there's gotta be something about you..  So I immediately ran into my closet remembering some old white jeans my dad bought me years ago. Lucky for me, he also bought a pair each for my two older sisters, which now fit me very well. There is one catch though.. They are very wide legged, and at the moment I'm waaay more into the slim leg look. But I'm no fool, I know the wide leg is on its comeback tour. So the question is: Is the wide leg look only on a tour, or is it here to stay? in other words should I slim the leg, or love them as they are; wide legged? Keep in mind that they do not look as well when paired with high heels...  

Oh I excuse for the crappy PhotoBooth pics, my 'real' camera is charging...


  1. jeg synes det ser rigtig godt ud!

  2. Hvad hvis du ruller dem om så de får lidt en boyfriendeffekt?