Tuesday, May 12

Thank You Mommy!

So a little less than a year ago I bought this pant suit at a designers fashion outlet. I wore it once, but the fabric is so delicate, that the left leg was torn apart by my thigh, I balm the leg was sown a little too little for my leg -.-... So I first attempted  to make it into a play suit my self, but luckily for me my mom is like a shark with a sewing machine; quick, elegant and fierce! so she took over quickly. 
And voilá! my ruined jump suit, was magically turned into a fun loving play suit..

I already love it. Now all I need is the perfect pair of stiletto heels. But I think my shoe fantasy isn't too fare away. Earlier today I was surfing around ebay and all of a sudden these darling Banlmian rip off's caught my attention.
Wish me luck on getting them!


  1. Ih hvor er du fin.. og den, for den sags skyld!

  2. Ej, hvor fedt at din mor er så dygtig. Elsker billederne af dig.. Og held og lykke med stiletterne :)