Sunday, May 24

As Requested

So this is what I'll be wearing Thursday and Friday. Since I'm finishing school, it's tradition to dress up all silly, a behave like a complete fool, by throwing men's shaving cream and Big Bens in the heads of little eager children, waving their greasy little greedy hands desperately trying to get a hold of a few  sticky caramels. AHR, I can't wait. Is gonna be AWSOME! I'm not sure my outfit is finished yet though, any suggestions?

OH! and I need your help on something else. Tonight I'm going to a dinner thing with my dad, and some of his american coworkers. And of course my problem is what to wear.. I want to look stunning, but not overdressed. I kinda wanna look sexy, but not slutty. I can't figure out if it's appropriate to wear heels? I  wanna be very stylish, but then the fear of people (red. my dad's coworkers) looking at me like I'm some idiotic fool, who doesn't know how to dress appropriately, just because they don't get fashion, and have NO idea that studs, fringes, florals, sequins actually are in style, kicks in. And I'm thinking of going with something safe, but thats SOOO boring. So now I kinda wanna shit on what people are gonna think/say about me. What do you think I should do/wear?? 

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