Sunday, May 3

weekend of pictures

Thank god the sun was invented! I hope you've enjoyed the weekend as much as I have. Friday was May 1st. In Denmark its tradition to go to a special park to listen to politicians, but ill bet you a thousand cows that 80% of the people there were there to drink, mingle and listen to music... basically like a festival, so the atmosphere was GREAT! So I spent my friday there. Saturday I visited the new Monki store in Copenhagen. Didn't buy anything, way to confusing, with all the people, but great clothes though.. Did get a striped shirt, already love it.. Then spent the evening at Mr. boyfriends house.. Today I have to study.. the next two weeks are exams weeks, and well you better be on the safe side, right?... 


  1. Jeg var også i Monki lørdag, man skulle jo lige forbi. Det er lang tid siden, at jeg har set så mange piger på sådanne få kvardratmeter ;)By the way, love your pics!

    Ha' en god søndag :)

  2. love the pics with the netting. so pretty.

  3. White tank and high waisters look so good on you! Sometimes it's best when people stick to simplicity. Lovely Photos.