Tuesday, May 19

The Oscar Speech

OK, ready for the "OMG! Thank you so so much. I like love you, like from the bottom of my heart!<33" speech? Well here it goes.

This post is my 200th post, and I'de like to thank everybody who's reading this blog, either on a regular basis or just every once in a while. The 'follower' number increases often, and it's always always a complete pleasure to see how that little number just keep growing on and on. That along with all the comments/comebackes i keep receiving can absolutely make my day! It really warms my heart.
So a big bigger heart warming, love felt thank you to everybody even reading this. I don't think I could have become this satisfied with my blog with out you guys! 

I'de also like to take this opportunity to ask you if you have any comments about this blog. Either praise or criticism is very appreciated. 

So again Thank You for wasting your time on this blog. I really appreciate it!

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