Saturday, May 30

Even Elvis didn't rock this much

So this is the only thing i bought in Malmö, the ripped black jeans from Gina Tricot.. 140 DKK, thats so not bad! + I've been dying over the ripped jeans from Topshop 
So i figured the Gina Tricot ones are a really good alternative. Well now i know what I'll wear tomorrow for my cousins theater thing. Ahh dont you just love it when you already know what to wear the day before ?

Oh and while in Malmö I stopped by DinSko. OMG! i could buy every shoe in there. No kidding! i really need to stop by their shop i DK soon.. hope they have the same stuff in DK as in Sweden .. 

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  1. jeg tror at DinSko er lukket i danmark - de har ihvertfald holdt ophørs-udsalg :s